Crate Expectations

Posted September 11, 2013 in Landscape Design, Melbourne, Organic, Produce Gardening, Raised Bed Gardening, Yarra Valley

There are many benefits to growing your produce in raised veggie crates, and I want to start my first blog post by setting this out for you all!

Numerous methods of creating raised garden beds have evolved over time and these have strong links to the permaculture movement. What this means is that strong consideration has been taken in to the design, ease of use, sustainability and waste minimisation in order to obtain the best yield from your crops.

Our raised garden beds are at waist height (730mm high) which provides super easy access for planting, pruning, harvesting and maintenance. Castor wheels are available as an additional extra and these allow you to make the most of the sunshine throughout the day, and for people that are renting or moving house this means you won’t have to leave your beautiful veggie garden behind!

We plant our seedlings at a depth of 300mm in a gorgeous specially blended organic mix. This mix comprises soil, mushroom compost and a organic blend made up of all sorts of delicious manures and organic matter! This is the perfect place for your seedlings to thrive and provide you with wonderful summer and winter crops. Due to the depth we plant in, soil will stay nice and warm in the winter time and with mulch in summer won’t overheat. This all adds up to provide the ideal growing environment for your produce.

In their previous lives, our crates have been used for apple transportation and storage – they are therefore free from nasty chemicals in the timber and are also having their life span extended by you!

Weeds will be far more minimal than other growing alternatives, but due to the nature of weeds spreading via wind and birds they still will crop up from time to time. Maintenance for this will be far more minimal as opposed to growing directly in the ground.

All crates from Sprout Designs will come with seasonal seedlings of your choice. We are super lucky to live near Yarra Valley ECOSS who grow delicious heirloom seedlings with plenty of variety.

We will also be supplying all customers with an easy to follow maintenance guide and will happily provide ongoing support for you and your new crate!